Web Shop

Digitalize your business and start selling your products online today!

Web Shop

With the help of our web shop platform, digitize your business and start selling your oniline products today.

Whether you pay by cash on delivery, transaction payments or credit cards, the web shop solution provides you with all payment options.

Safe and fast

Our support team is there for you to help you setting up your online store and later to solve any possible problems.

Our platform allows you to publish and sell all your products in a safe and easy way. Set up the whole system in one day and start selling online now!

How it works

Add products

With the help of our platform, adding products is very easy. Group products into categories, add pictures, descriptions, prices, properties, documents and everything else you need to attract attention with your product.

Create Web Shop

Once the initial settings have been entered, the Web Shop layout will be generated in collaboration with you. Colors, logo and other details are tailored to your needs. The Web Shop can be part of a new page that can be generated through our platform, and it can also be part of your existing website.

Online sales

Once your Web Shop is ready, it's time to start selling. Track orders, customers, stock status and create invoices. Our support team is always at your service for any problems!


Mobile friendly

Our platform is mobile friendly which means that your customers can enjoy buying your products from any device.

Create info pages

Want to create additional info pages that describe your business or your products? No problem, with the help of our platform, create additional pages in an instant.

Current stock

Do you sell products that have quantity? Through our platform track cureent stock of the warehouse

Creating invoices

Track all the steps of your order and finally issue a fiscalized invoice directly through our platform

Promo codes

Need promo codes and pricing promotions? Everything is supported through our platform in order to have complete flexibility in creating product pricing policies.

Customer support

If at any time you need help or advice on how to do something through the platform, we are there for all questions, suggestions and support.