Task Management

Boost team collaboration and improve your workforce's efficiency

Task Management

Assign, prioritize and track your employees' tasks and efficiency! Improve your workforce's efficiency by using our Task Tracking solutions which help you schedule employees' to-do lists! By assigning and prioritizing tasks for each employee, make it easyb for them to understand their assignments and stay organized.

Get real-time updates on tasks and track which tasks are in queue, in progress or done, as well as insight in time spent on tasks.

Create weekly plans and receive regular updates on how work is progressing.


Create new or modify the existing task for every employee, set priorities and add comments.


Get real-time updates on tasks and track which tasks are in the queue, in progress or done.


Export tasks from the list to a PDF file with a single click.

How it works?

Our solutions help your team members to work together efficiently.

They are designed to provide fast, efficient and reliable information transfer among all relevant participants and can be used for:

Establishing benchmarks and/or standards

Collaboration and communication between departments

Document management

Effective project management

Planning tasks and activities

Daily/weekly business reports