Time Tracking

Put an end to troubles with accurate tracking employees attendance, ensure accurate attendance records, save administration time and reduce overall costs!

Time Tracking

Our solution is hosted in the cloud which means you can access it 24/7 from your web browser. No software installation required! It gives you an objective insight into working hours, plans and costs.

Setting up a card reader requires electricity and internet (plug and play setup), and adding employees and setting system settings is possible in just a few minutes.

We are here to provide you with what is important. You think there's something we can't solve? New challenges are always welcome!

How it works?


Employees check in or out using reader. All activities on the device are accompanied by sound and light signals. Employees can also check in or out manually via web application.


Employees login to view their activities. Managers login to view reports or manage records by adding, removing or editing employee or reader data.


To easily process the data, managers export data to Excel, saving administration time and reducing overall costs.


real time data 24/7

managing employees working hours

daily and mothly working hours preview

tracing sickness and vacation

scheduling by working periods

creating reports in Excel and PDF

reader and web entry

admin portal to manage time tracking data

customer portal for employees

unlimited number of readers and employees

check in with photo

location tracker


Salary report

Create a report to help you calculate employee salaries.

Labor cost report

This report gives you an overview of the department's operating costs by keeping track of the working hours

Turnover report

With the help of this report, you monitor turnover of your employees by department and the reason for leaving, comparing the situation with previous years.

Total working hours

Prepare a report of working hours of all employees with a detailed specification of hours by type.

Working hours by employee

Prepare a legal report of working hours per employee with a detailed specification of hours by type per day.

Custom report

Need a new report or an adjustment to an existing report? No problem, contact us and we will tailor the report to your needs.