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Multimedia - Digital Signage solutions

Multimedia is cloud based digital signage solution that enables you to control and create the digital content that can be shown on screens that use Multimedia Media Player.

Add value to your brand by displaying your own content on screens and providing promotional and entertainment information to your target audience!

Target the message, reach your key audience and influence customers’ purchasing decisions.

Get rid of the printing costs on leaflets and posters, and deliver real-time information which is easily managed and controlled from any location over your web browser.

Digital Signage screens can be seen everywhere, drawing customers' attention in the retail stores, hotels, restaurants, doctor's offices, banks, fitness centers, airports and many other places.

Need screens to display a digital signage solution? No problem, contact us! Whether you need commercial, professional or Video Wall screens, we will offer the right solution for your needs.

How it works?

Media player

With the help of a Multimedia player, any screen with HDMI input becomes a powerful digital signage solution for content playback. The player connects to the screen via an HDMI cable, and to communicate with the Multimedia platform, the player must have internet access.


By grouping devices into groups, define which devices display which playlist. With an unlimited number of groups, you have complete flexibility in choosing which device displays which playlist.


With an unlimited number of playlists in the system, the display options are numerous. Playlists can be linked to one or more groups, which allows flexibility in controlling the display. With the ability to create recurring playlists and playlists in the future, prepare playlists in advance.

Different types of content/feeds

Videos (mp4, mkv, mov)

Photos (jpg, png)

Web links and HTML pages


Clock and countdown

Weather forecast

Screen Layouts with Multiple Zones

Posts with title, text and photo


News from RSS or from internal feed

Multicontent display

Custom content


Remote control

With the help of a web application, you can create content and remotely manage it across all screens, 24/7, without having to be at the same location as screens.

Plug and play

The media player is ready to use in just a few minutes. The player connects to the screen via HDMI cable. In order to communicate with the application, the player must be connected to the internet.

Landscape and portrait view

The system allows display on screens regardless of their orientation, making it an ideal solution for displaying content and for totems.


Different settings can be set for each device, depending on the application and your needs. Settings are managed remotely via a web application.


The system supports the display of content in 4K resolution. All you need is a media player and screen that supports 4K resolution.

Video Wall

Want to display content on Video Wall screens? Use the web application to divide the display into different zones.

HTML editor

With the help of an HTML editor, different zones can be created quickly to display different content on screens. Each zone represents one type of desired content. With additional editing options, anyone can create unique view that will capture attention and make an impression.

The HTML editor is ideal for creating displays for Video Walls.

Show more content on the screen at once!

Social Feed

With the help of the Social Feed application, collect posts from social networks and display them using various display templates (feeds).

Let’s say you’re hosting an event and want to let your guests post photos. All you have to do is create your unique QR code which they can use to post event photos to your feed without using social networks.

Social Feed allows you to collect public posts from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and to control the collected posts.